Overview and Mission Statement

The Kentucky Cannabis Center was established by KY House Bill 604 to advance the study of cannabis and its derivatives, specifically determining the risk/benefit profile for certain medical conditions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kentucky Cannabis Center is to accelerate cannabinoid science and conduct high quality research that is relevant to the health and well-being of the citizens of Kentucky. The research agenda will be established by the Center’s advisory board, with the overarching goals of conducting and funding research, including controlled clinical studies, agriculture research pertaining to optimal growing conditions, examination of public health data and preclinical research on new and innovative applications. The Center will aim to support faculty and trainees interested in conducting cannabinoid research to enhance the breadth of expertise at the University of Kentucky. A website will be maintained to publicly disseminate the Center’s activities and research findings and will allow interested participants to sign up for research studies. The Center will hold an annual symposium to present research findings and will also invite outside experts to report on cutting-edge, high impact research. Overall, the Center will work with federal, state and local entities to advance research on the medical safety and efficacy of cannabinoids and will serve to help educate medical providers, legislators and citizens on the risks and benefits of the use of cannabis and cannabinoids.